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Interested in Acting and Improvisation? Want to Give it a try?

Have you always wanted to Act? Or have you enjoyed acting and would like to tread the boards once more? Are you looking to be more spontaneous? Have more fun in your life? Meet new people? Act without a script? Say Yes and life?

Then this is for you! We are holding an Acting/Improvisation session; No experience needed but the willingness to have fun.

Regular workshop sessions will include; -Learn the basics of saying "Yes and.. -Let go and Play -Playing Numerous games -Becoming more spontaneous and to stop censoring yourself -Learn the value of working with your scene partner -Create new and Fun Characters -Using the power of Silence -Telling stories -Improvised songs -Useful clowning techniques for everyday purposes -Acting - with the heart -Comedy short form games -Creating a soap opera -Perform at the end of the course if you want too

What people say about Sam:

“Sam is an inspiring and inspired improvisation artist. It is clear through his approach to training both beginners and professionals that he has a depth of experience the enables him to employ a huge range of valuable teaching skills and methodologies. He is a dynamic and creative performer, and is versatile and thorough in his teaching. He delivered an excellent series of workshops for my third year trainee actors who all felt that after working with him, their skill set had increased immeasurably. I thoroughly recommend Sam for any improvisation/theatre training ….it is well worth it!” Natasha Buckley. Associate Lecturer BA Acting, University of St Mark and St John, Plymouth.

“ Sam Morgan is an all-round brilliant improviser; highly imaginative and flexible. He’s an incredibly inspiring and fun teacher too, with a vast range of techniques gathered from America, England and Europe. And he’s a lovely bloke! What more can I say!” Josephine Larsen. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

“Sam is an energetic Improv teacher with a keen eye for the funny and for helping you to find a bit more depth in your scenes. I have really enjoyed learning with him and enjoyed seeing my skills, confidence and rapport with a group grow. He really knows his stuff and will take you on a fantastic adventure into the theatrical unknown. Nikki McCretton -Artistic Director of Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Co and The Lyric Theatre

“Sam Morgan is a wonderful improviser and comedian. He’s got everything a good trainer needs: quick wit, a good heart, and an eye for timing and everyday awkwardness comedy. If you have the chance, enjoy his talent or do one of his classes; you’ll love it!” Mario Müller, artistic director of Theater mit beschränkter Hoffnung, Konstanz, Germany

‘Having worked with Sam across multiple projects I have always been impressed with his dedication, drive, talent and absolute passion to his work and to working as part of a team. If you want a job done, he’s the one!’ Marina O’Shea – Actor, Writer & Producer.

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