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Sam’s improv classes are inspirational, great for building confidence as well as team spirit…but most of all fun!


Using the philosophy behind Improvisational Comedy, we can make you and your team more creative and dynamic. Learn the tools and skills that will help you both in the work place, and in life.

What does this involve?

A series of fun group games which promote spontaneity skills, team work, active listening and fully committing to ideas.

Why should kids have all the fun? Rediscover as adult, what it's like to play again! Find the fun in what you are doing, improve your company’s corporate team building, productivity and get the most out of yourself and your colleagues.

Why learn improvisation?

We all have untapped potential, and improvisation is is the perfect tool to release it. Be more confident, enjoy more of what you do and harness a positive outlook to your business and life. In our classes we cover;

  • Presentational Skills

  • Creativity Training

  • Leadership/Teamwork and Listening skills

  • Sales skills and understanding the Clients

Why choose Sam?

Sam may have trained at Italia Conti (BA in Acting) and IO Improv in Chicago...but that’s just the start of his talents!


With over 20 years experience as a Business Development Manager, he understands the challenges you and your team face.


Using the powerful tool of improvisation, together you can create a happier, more dynamic workplace which delivers outstanding service to your customers.


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