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 about me 

Height: 5"8   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown

I am an Actor, Writer, Comedian and Improv Teacher/Performer based in Exeter.

Credits include Comic Strip’s "Hunt for Tony Blair" and "Red Top".


Trained at The Italia Conti School and Chicago IO (Improvisation).



Italia Conti   |   The Merchant of Venice   |   Shylock

Italia Conti   |   Measure for Measure  |   The Duke


The Comic Strip Presents  |   The Hunt For Tony Blair   |   John Smith

Self Produced   |   Being There   |   Writer, Director and Actor​

BBC Radio   |   Borderline   |   Mr Whitehead


Great Western Features   |   No AV Vote TVC   |   Racing Judge

Be Champions TV   |   Premiership Show   |   Presenter

Great Western Features   |   Corporate Training Video   |  Actor

 Training & Workshops 

Italia Conti   |   BA Acting

IO Theatre, Chicago   |   Improvistation Course

Plain Clothes Theatre Company  |   Meisner Workshop

Nose to Nose |   Clowning Level 1

 Special Skills 


 Download Full Resume 
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