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Improperly Review

“three words: expect the unexpected” by Adam Smith Jones for remotegoat on 29/03/12

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Since the advent of televised improvisation nights (and their countless repeats on digital television channels) expectations can be high for any group presenting an evening of improvised sketches.

The key to a successful improv night though is a combination of a talented band of quick-witted performers and a compere who knows when enough is enough and a game has run out of steam.

All of this was in evidence last night and coupled with an audience who knew how to play the improv suggestion game – not too rude, not too wacky – some real comedy gems were unearthed.

Stand out sketches included a trio of seemingly inappropriate innuendo laden scenes in a game called ‘if you know what I mean’ and a simple drive to the country turned into a dramatic thriller by the interjection of audiences best and worst chat-up lines as well as a myriad of song and film quotations.

Okay some jokes fell flat and the odd sketch seemed to go on a little longer than necessary, but this is definitely a talented group of performers who utilised the improvisational comedy format to showcase their many skills. I look forward to seeing them all perform again in the future.

Event Venues & Times finished City Gate Hotel | Iron Bridge, North Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3RB

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