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Devon -LaughFest 2016

Devon LaughFest 2016 Comedy Festival: A Weekend of Comedy Workshops and Shows 4 – 6th of November, 20016


With the long winter nights drawing in, what better way to dust of the cobwebs than to exercise your laughter muscles! This community based project is about your experiences laughter, through various workshops right here in Devon. The workshops over two days will consist of Stand Up Comedy. Improvisation Poetry And Sketch Comedy.

You will be also entitled to watch various shows over two days for absolutely free!

If this is something you want to do or always wanted to try then this is for you. The prices are low to only cover our costs so for 2 days it will only be £25.00 or for 1 day £15.00.

The numbers are limited so it’s a first come first served basis. Come in and join the fun, laugh with us, learn some new skills, and make Devon a places where we all laugh!

Full program will be published shortly! Stay Tuned.

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