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Acting and Improvisation in Exeter

Narrative Improvisation Workshops

At the Cygnet Theatre, Exeter -Sunday 18th June, 25th June

23rd July, 30th July and 13th and 20th August

Times are 14.00 till 17.00

If you wish to book

A fun and challenging improvisation workshops telling stories with other fellow improvisers.

These 3-hour workshops are £15.00 per session

To include

Warm-ups. Non Conflict Scenes Story Spine Banter/Depth scenes One Line -and then Emotions (5 seconds) Estate Agent - This is the room (emotion 10 seconds) Nervous Improviser - Silence/and Connection Mono Scenes 3 Persons/Scene painting -using senses/ Time Jumps Longform - once upon a time Heightening Henry - Time Jumps monologues and much much more

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