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Stand up To Cancer at Bridport Arts Center!


Well my first gig on the Circuit as a stand up Comedian!! I’m in the process of developing and number of different characters and Timothy Widespoon is my first dip into this!!

Having performed Sketch Comedy for a number of years, made a sitcom and now have been running an Improvisation team for 3 years ++, this is as naked as it gets for someone who is involved in Comedy.

The town is very pretty, and the people at the Center were very welcoming. So I did it….!!! A big positive, got some laughs but also held the audience attention.

You don’t get to see many characters on the circuit (or so much anymore), talk about making it as hard for myself as possible.

Onwards and upwards…learning from other people, looking for the laughs and waiting making it work for me… a beginning… but a positive one!!

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