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Weekend Workshop!

A weekend of acting and improvisation for everyone; no experience needed.

Join us for a weekend of acting and improv theatre training with 4 of our performing arts tutors. Over the period of the weekend our tutors will host a series of workshops that will introduce you to a wide range of skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Some of the acting and improvisation techniques that will be covered are: learning how to make a scene up on the spot; how to act in a scene; being truthful in the moment; how to let go of your fear and how to skilfully be spontaneous.

Your tutors for the weekend will be:

Sam Morgan Already known to you as the tutor for our bi-weekly improv theatre workshop ‘Sam Morgans Improvisation Studio’; Sam will be leading the weekends activities.

Having trained at Italia Cont where he completed a BA in acting and at IO Improv in Chicago, Sam has a wealth of knowledge that he’s developed into a powerful tool that encourages self empowerment and confidence through the teaching of improvised theatre.

Josephine Larsen Josephine trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (England), going on to become a fully qualified teacher, director, theatre coach, author and NLP Master Practitioner, specialising in Stage/Film Acting and Communication Skills.

During her 40 year professional career in Europe, she worked closely with some of the most pioneering artists in Theatre and creative Media . Amongst others, Ian McNaughton (producer of MontyPython); Vladek Shebal (Women In Love); Marianne Segebrecht (Bagdad Café); Bruno Ganz (Wings Of Desire; Downfall) and starred in the Cult Film Clementine Tango, which ran for 5 years in Paris, Los Angeles, Rome and Berlin.

Recently she helped coach actors in a new Hollywood movie, directed by Richard Stanley and starring Nicolas Cage, which will hit the cinemas in 2020.

Mark Cassidy Mark is a qualified teacher, Theatre Maker with Boo to a Goose Theatre and an Associate Artist with Interwoven Productions CIC.

Having trained as an actor at ALRA and in the Meisner Technique with the Impulse Company; he uses this simple yet powerful acting system to enable actors to live truthfully, moment by moment, under the given dramatic circumstances that create authentic performances.

Geoff Monk Geoff is a foundering member of Nottingham’s MissImp group which formed in 1998. Since leaving the theatre company in 2009 he has studied with Loose Moose in Calgary; Keith Johnstone; Chelsea Clarke from UCB and Nancy Howland Walker & Marshall Stern of Zenprov Chicago.

Geoff also ran “Nottingham Improv Comedy Experience” (NICE), until moving to Cornwall in June 2019.

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