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The first Devon LaughFest is here on the 4,5, and 6 November 2016 and the excitement is building.

The concept of a Devon LaughFest has been an idea of mine for a few years, and people have been asking well when is it going to happen!!

But with all these things the monster of self doubt creeps in and whispers in your ear things like, will it work out, will people like it, will people turn up, will it be a success, will my trousers fall down while I’m teaching.

The Monster was finally shot when I teamed up with Nat Talosk of The School of Laugher this year. His words of wisdom, good nature is what the Festival is all about. You have to make things happen!

If you are interested and have any self doubt I like to go but not sure, then be like me, turn off that monster and come and have laughter packed weekend.

So why the Devon LaughFest you may ask?

I have gain so much through laughter and Comedy, learnt some fantastic life skill, particularly through improvisation, it would be selfish of me not to share what I and the amazing teachers on the Weekend know!!!

Laughter for all of us is very important helps us to put our lives in perspective, laughter can get us through life when times are tough, but also it’s something that we all share, that binds us together as group or community and this is for the community.

We all need to play, especially Adults, and the Devon LaughFest is play time for us all.

Come and play you are all invited!

For Tickets click on the link

Director of the Devon LaughFest

Sam Morgan

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